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Background: Psychosocial problems experienced by patients with coronary heart disease becomes a very important thing to note. Patients often experience psychosocial problems such as anxiety and depression. Psychosocial problems can affect the heart directly because it can increase heart oxygen need and workload. Patients with major depression after myocardial infarction are most possible to die within 6 months 5 times higher than patients without depression. An important step in the depression management is to identify the etiology that can be done by identifying risk factors and focusing interventions to minimizing the underlying causes of the depression. Objectives: Analyze factors affecting depression level at patients with coronary heart disease. Methods: This study is a correlative analytic with cross-sectional approach at 47 respondents. The statistical tests used chi square, spearman rho and logistic regression. Results: Factors related with depression level were family history (p value 0.026), comorbidity (p value 0.002), stress (p value 0.044), family support (p value 0.027) and long suffering (p value 0.001). Conclusions: Comorbidity is the most factor associated with depression rate with OR 5.758. It mean respondents who have comorbidities have 5.758 times higher of depression after controlled by family history, stress, and long suffering.


Coronary heart disease, Depression

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