Hudzaifah Al Fatih, Maidartati Maidartati


Background: For nursing profession, critical thinking has an essential role to improve the competence and performance of nurses in providing care. The use of journal clubs as one of the learning strategies in nursing education can play an important role in enhancing critical thinking skills and sustainable learning processes. Objectives: To determine the effectiveness of journal clubs in improving the critical thinking skills of nursing students at Universitas BSI. Methods: This research used quasi experimental method with one group pretest-posttest design. 38 respondents who were undergoing nursing research course were selected using purposive sampling method and agreed to participate in this research. The students' critical thinking were measured before and after the journal club intervention which were conducted within two months by using the critical thinking assessment test from Watson & Glaser (2002). The data were analyzed using paired t test with significance level of p <0.05. Results: The results showed that the mean score of critical thinking scores before the intervention was 47.45 ± 10.131 and 55.92 ± 8.660 after intervention. Nursing students received an improvement in average critical thinking scores of 8,474 points (95% confidence interval, range 4,952-11,995) after obtaining intervention, and there were significant mean differences between critical thinking scores before and after journal club intervention (p <0.001). Conclusions: The results indicated that journal club can be used as an effective alternative learning method to improve the critical thinking skills of nursing students.


Critical Thinking, Journal Club, Nursing Students.

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