Danur Azissah Roesliana Sofais, Tita Septi Handayani


Objectives: This study aimed to determine the factors associated with the Management of Emergency Obstetrics at Beringin Raya Health Center in Bengkulu City, Indonesia. Methods: An analytical research using cross-sectional design was used. The participants were nurses and midwive at public health center, Beringin Raya. 29 participants were included. Data were collected using the checklist sheet from10 to 22 July 2017. A check list form contained six part: emergency implementation, education, years of service, PONED personnel availability, Equipment and facilities, colleagues, managerial. Data were analysis using Chi-Square (X2) with alpha (α) 5%. Results: The results of the study showed that there is no correlation between educations (p > .05), tenure (p > .05), availability of trained officer’s PONED (p > .05) with obstetric management at Beringin Raya Health Center of Bengkulu in 2017. There is a relationship between facilities (p < .05) with the Management of Obstetrics Management at Beringin Raya Health Center Bengkulu City in 2017. There is a relationship between peers (p < .05) and superiors support (p < .05) with the Management of Obstetrics Emergency at Health Center Beringin Raya Bengkulu in 2017. Conclusion: The Management of Obstetrics Management related to facilities in the Health Center. It is suggested to Beringin Raya Public Health Center of Bengkulu City to always improve the staff of obstetric obstetrical management by increasing the availability of facilities, increasing cooperation between colleagues, and increasing the support from the leadership to subordinates


Management, Practice, Obstetrics, Emergency

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