Siwi Sri Widhowati, Sri Mumpuni Yuniarsih


Introduction: Adolescence is one of the most important periods in the human life cycle, where dramatic changes in physical, sexual, psychological, and mental changes occur. Health data on adolescents from various sources state that adolescents are a group that is vulnerable to deviations from health behaviors.

Objectives: This study is expected to assist the government regarding describing sexual behavior, and violence in junior high school adolescents in Pekalongan City.

Method: This research use cross-sectional design with sample number 587 junior high school student in Pekalongan City. The data were collected using questionnaires. Outcome: There are only three students (0.5%) of the 8th grade in private schools who claim to have had sexual intercourse. Relationships were done with one partner only, but only one student used condoms. A total of 207 students (35.7%) had been involved in fights, 103 of them women. A total of 63 students (29.7%) had experienced severe injuries due to exercise, even as many as 32 students (16.2%) had experienced bone fractures or joint dislocations.

Conclusions and Suggestions: Unhealthy sexual behavior is still in the low category, needs to be pressed down to zero cases. While the behavior of growing violence in the form of fights quite a lot, so further research is needed on the psychological impact of adolescents who experience violence.


Sexual Behavior, Teen, Violence.

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