Elizabeth Ari Setyarini


Backgroud : Being old is a natural process that occurs in human life and after working at a young age will experience retirement in old age. Entering a new life as a pensioner provides many changes for the elderly, including changes in roles in the social environment, changes in interests, values and changes in all aspects of life. The need for elderly to be able to self adjustment in overcoming a problem and conditions faced. Objectives of this study to know the relation between characteristics of elderly and self adjustment on retirement in the subdistrict 20  of village Cilame Padalarang. Methods with quantitative method, cross sectional research design. The sample was 88 elderly with accidental sampling. Univariate analysis by frecuency distribution and bivariate analysis by using chi-square statistic test to know the relation between characteristics of elderly and self adjustment on retirement in the subdistrict 20 of village Cilame Padalarang. The study was conducted in March 2018. Results of research of the relation between characteristics of elderly and self adjustment on retirement found that there is no relation of characteristic a gender (p value = 0.646), age (p value = 0.115), living arrangement (p = 0.153), retirement income (p value = 0.305), health condition of elderly (p value = 0.247) and there is relation of elderly characteristic at length retirement (p value = 0.024) and previous work (p value = 0.012) with self adjustment on retirement in the subdistrict 20 of village Cilame Padalarang. Conclusions of the study were no relationship to the characteristics of sex, age, elderly living income and health conditions of the elderly and there was a relation between the characteristics of retirement length and previous job to self adjustment on retirement. Recommendation of this research is the involvement of elderly people who have retired to follow activities at the center health care services to be able to interact, socialize and control the health of elderly on a regular basis


elderly, self-adjustment, retired.

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