Vita Lucya


Background: Aging was associated with many functional declines including declined to maintain balance function. Objectives: The purpose of this study was to test the effect of vestibular exercise to reduce the risk of fall among older people lived in the nursing home. Methods: A queasy experimental design with one group pretest and posttest was conducted at one of a nursing home located in Bandung. Proportional random sampling was applied to select participants with a total of 15 older people joined this study.  Results: The majority of participants were at low risk of fall (99.3%), followed by moderate risk (6.7%).  There was a significant improvement in the risk of fall after vestibular exercise (mean different=0.34 for item 9 and 0.33 for 14 item of functional ability to do the task). Conclusion: Study finding showed that vestibular exercise was useful to reduce the risk of fall among older people in the nursing home. A future study using more rigors methods is needed to confirm the results. Health care provider may modify exercise for older people by using vestibular exercise in the routine activity at nursing home


vestibular exercise, elderly, older, fall, risk

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