Mutimanda Dwisatyadini, Jaka Pamungkas, Innes Maulidya, Nurrida Dessalma Syaharania


Background: Extract of yellow turmeric rhizome has an effected to healed wound compared to solvent control. Turmeric extract has an effected to protect a cell’s form an inflammation. Objectives: Objectives of this study was to comparing the effectiveness of extract a Curcuma domestica Rhizoma and a Curcuma zedoaria Rosc, which one proved to accelerate on healing of stage I diabetic wounds in the Sprague Dawley Male White Rats. Methods: Methods of this study is an experimental laboratory with posttest control group design method. Samples of all rats required 32 tail, divided into 4 groups with the number of each group is 8 rats with stage I diabetic wound. Results : The results showed evaluation of wound healing ratio before and after wound treatment with turmeric extract Curcuma domestica Rhizoma, Curcuma zedoaria Rosc, Metronidazole, NaCL significant on wound size, wound edges, re-epithelialization and tissue granulation p-value <0.05. Although a blood sugar levels in white rats Sprague Dawley were unstable in range minimum of 36 mg/dl and maximum more than 600 mg/dl. Wound treatment with a yellow turmeric extract, metronidazole, and Nacl was more effective at 75% of treatment, than using a white turmeric extract at 25%. This is because the essential oil and curcuminoid content in white turmeric is lower than a yellow turmeric that is equal to 1.06- 1.87% v / b and 10-19%. Conclusions: Conclusions of this study is an effectiveness of types extract yellow tumeric (Curcuma domestica Rhizoma) than a types extract white tumeric (Curcuma zedoaria Rosc).


Curcuma domestica Rhizoma, Curcuma zedoaria Rosc, Wound Care.

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